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Future Trends in Facade Cladding

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

There have been a number of changes in architectural trends over the past couple of decades following the advancements in the technology and the evolving housing needs of society. But as our needs and technology continue to evolve, we can look forward to still newer architectural trends, especially new trends in façade cladding, in the coming years. Let’s discuss these trends in detail.

Smart Facades

Industry experts believe that there will be an emergence of smart cladding facades in the near future – something they refer to as cognitive building facades. A cognitive façade will be able to respond to both external and internal conditions, and will also be able to coordinate with your building’s MEP system to provide a range of cognitive or smart solutions. Variables such as volatile weather conditions or the microclimatic influences of the buildings close-by will form a pro-active building skin.

There are bioclimatic façades that are already trending internationally. They offer functional benefits such as providing a thermal cover in the winters and ensuring cooler temperatures in the summers. Stainless steel is one such material that has been used widely to cater to such bioclimatic projects due to its low maintenance costs and great durability.

High-Performance Façades

Another trend that has been hinted to emerge in the future when it comes to façade claddings is that of high-performance façades. A high-performance façade will not only envelop your building but will ensure that you get optimum comfort by adjusting things such as daylight exposure, glare reduction, heat absorption, etc.

The best high-performance façades will obviously be the ones that will protect and shield you and your building from the harsh external environment. They are further expected to help you cut down on your internal heating and cooling expenses. They will add value to the consumer by allowing for a better living environment inside the structure.

The resurgence of efficient designs in architecture is a hint that cladding trends will soon follow the same path. The on-going energy crisis and the push towards a reduction in energy consumption will provide more reason for trends in façade cladding to evolve in a certain way so they can help to optimize a building’s performance.

Lighter Weights

Along with advancements in materials and façade technology, we have seen a push towards lighter materials being used for cladding. The increasing use of ACM panels in cladding is one example of that. There is a push toward lighter yet high performing material that can satisfy both the functional and aesthetic needs of modern construction projects. This trend is only set to grow in the future.

Energy Harvesting Facades

There are a few of these already in use, but they’re not as widely used as you’d think. Energy harvesting facades will both generate and store renewable energy. These will complement the idea of a smart building as they will allow these futuristic buildings to be self-sustainable in the truest sense of the word.

The above make up some of the exciting future trends in façade cladding that we can look forward to.

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