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All You Need To Know About ALPOLIC and its Aluminum Composite Material

There is a reason why ALPOLIC is considered to be the top leader in metal composting manufacturing and materials. Their commitment to quality have not only inspired new aesthetics in the industry, but also enabled new design possibilities. Here are just some of the reasons why ALPOLIC is still standing strong

Here is what you need to know about the brand:

It's Committed to Sustainability

ALPOLIC's commitment to the environment ensures they produce products that not only stand the test of time, but also have little to no carbon footprint. Their efforts start way before the manufacturing process does. Only materials that are high in quality and can be recycled are chosen to maintain each product's integrity and to ensure that the brand can maintain its promise of sustainability.

Most of the composite materials they use comprise of a substantial amount of post consumer recycled materials and are made into fine sheets. The brand reduces the amount of raw material it uses and reclaims production water for recycling purposes in order to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

One of ALPOLIC's initiatives, Operation Encore allows the brand to accept materials as well as separate and send to relevant industry recycling streams for re-processing. In other words, all of the materials are 100% recyclable and available for each cladding application or renovation project.

Creates Sustainable Aluminum Composite Materials.

What makes ALPOLIC products such as their ACM panels stand out is not just their brilliant colors, but also features that make them sustainable and durable such as the following:


Known for being easy to process and flame retardant, ALPOLIC FR comprises of two aluminum cover sheets that are about 0.5 mm thick. The flame retardant mineral core that keeps it from catching fire is a mineral polymer core that is about 3 to 5 mm thick. The material is approved by the authorities.

ALPOLIC FR composite panels are known for their easy processing which can be done with standard tools, the range of colors they are available in along with their weather resistance and low weight which makes transportation easy. The facade is coated with Lumiflon fluoropolymer resin which not only makes the panels more resistant to the elements, but also give it a sheen and brilliance that is unmatched by other brands.

This feature is one of the main reasons why ALPOLIC FR is largely considered for ventilated facades and also why it has almost limitless design possibilities.


ALPOLIC A1 is a composite panel that is made up of two aluminum cover sheets that are 0.5 mm thick and it also have a mineral core that is 3 mm thick and non combustible to boot. The latter is made of non combustible ingredients that are 100% non inflammable. The cladding material is considered the only one on the globe that is extremely fire resistant and does not emit smoke in case a fire erupts. This makes A1 one of the best sustainable alternatives to metal (flammable) facade materials.

A1 is also well known for its weather resistance, malleability and impact resistance. It also boasts a degree of flatness that is unmatched by other brands. The weather resistance is owed to the quality Lumiflon fluoropolymer resin which also makes it resistant to corrosion and radiation.

All of those factors combine to result in a cladding product that can last for years and remain pristine as well. It is one of the main reasons why ALPOLIC A1 is often recommended for buildings and structures that have to be weather and flame resistant, such as high rise buildings, hospitals and schools.

Works With Partners That Enhance Its Products

One of the main reasons why ALPOLIC has become a leader in cladding products is because it has continued to partner with equally responsible manufacturers who are known for producing quality. This includes:


Solvent based resins from LUMIFLON have been in circulation for more than two decades in a range of applications from coil to bridge coatings and architectural applications. What makes the resin popular is the fact that it is available in several colors and glosses which results in a range of finishes and facades. The resin can be used to re-coat structures and can also be used to make pre-coated panels.

What makes this resin extra durable and sustainable is its distinct polymer structure that allow the development of the weather resistant coating. The chemical bond between the carbon and fluorine atoms is too resilient to be broken by sunlight and the alternating structure of the resin also enhances the strength of other chemical bonds in the polymer. All of these features work together to protect the entire coating from degradation.


Sherwin-Williams is one of the best manufacturers of extrusion coatings and architectural coils. The company offers a palette of colors and unlimited design freedom to several projects and locations. At Sherwin-Williams, every color has a story and their color experts work hard to create almost any shade imaginable for clients to ensure they can realize their design vision.

With over 50,000 colors in their lab and dedicated colorists, they are able to create color schemes that stand out

VMZINC Umicore

This is the global brand name of rolled zinc products. These are made and sold by the Umicore group's Building Products unit which specializes in materials technology. All of their products are made in France excluding some accessories that are made in Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland.

VMZINC has established itself as the leader in innovative solutions for zinc for building envelop and like ALPOLIC, it is also known for being environment friendly. All of their facade systems belong to the rain screen family which mean they last long, remain damage free and maintain their color well. It is little wonder why ALPOLIC has made it one of its partners.

With its commitment to remain sustainable, provide eco friendly cladding solutions and maintain relations with equal minded partners, ALPOLIC remains the top source of sustainable ACM panels for a range of industries that wish to reduce their own carbon footprint and save money.

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