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Stabalux Curtain Wall 

window wall
Profile section
triple glass

Reduced effort

Stabalux AK can be processed smoothly and quickly: the tightening channel is screwed directly onto steel, with no need for welding anymore. No problems with corrosion. No special treatment for the connection sites.

Simply installed

The tightening channel can be fitted either in the workshop or at the building site.

Stabalux AK (steel) for facade and roof

 Stabalux AK is unique, because it is screwed right onto steel and therefore makes a complete glazing system from Stabalux T or all other special sections.

Stabalux AL (aluminum) for facade and roof

Stabalux supplies approved and EN13830 tested system products for filigree glass facades and glass roofs. The post and beam construction made of steel, timber and aluminium meets the highest requirements for passive house standards.

The new aluminum profile system Stabalux AL takes advantage of Stabalux’s well-proven seal guide in integrated screw technology for more than 30 years.
In contrast to all other aluminum profile systems, Stabalux AL has the screw channel-shaped inwards and not outwards. This technology offers the possibility to plan both the post and the bar with just one single profile type and to realize a bolted light metal facade with approved T-connectors.

Internal seals, with either one or three drainage levels, are pressed directly into the screw channel and precisely guided. The officially approved clamping connection is made by direct screwing into the inner channel.

Applicable and tested glass thicknesses from 4 mm up to 82 mm, as well as a Uf value of & lt; 0,7 W / m²K for a passive house suitable glass facades characterize the Stabalux AL system, which is available in the face width 50 mm for facades and roofs.

System Cross-Sections

Roof  Conections

Ceilling Connections

Wall Conections

Base Point

Windows & Doors

Data Sheet
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