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Why is ACM a Popular Choice Amongst Builders and Architects?

Commonly referred to as ACM, Aluminum Composite Material has been used increasingly in recent years in buildings as a façade and cladding material. There are several reasons for this increased use or popularity of ACM, most notably its durability and lightweight nature. These two qualities make ACM one of the best façade materials that has been chosen by architects and builders to reduce costs and improve architectural performance.

What is the Actual Use of ACM?

A cladding material used on a building’s exterior, Aluminum Composite Material or ACM serves one main purpose which is to help create durable and aesthetically-pleasing facades. Joined together to a non-aluminum core, two thin aluminum sheets are part of the ACM panels used in buildings.

A panel that comprises of aluminum skins of 0.5 mm that are pressed to the non-metal core, ACM panels typically have a thickness of 4 mm. This is what makes the ACM panel lightweight and durable. A material that plays a key role in façade construction, ACM is the choice of many builders and architects today due to the following advantages:

Low maintenance—ACM requires far less maintenance than other similar materials/products

Lightweight—ACM’s strength-to-weight ratio is incredible

Versatile—The material is available in a range of colors and configurations, ensuring great cladding material versatility for architects and builders

Durable—ACM can withstand natural elements and is extremely strong which ensures its longevity

Flexible and Adaptable—ACM is incredibly easy to use for facades that are ‘unusually shaped’. This basically means that the material can be easily used around corners and curves

When you consider the above advantages of ACM, it is easy to see why the material is a popular choice amongst builders and architects. So, where are the architects and builders today using ACM? We discuss that next.

Where ACM is Being Used by Builders and Architects Today

We’ve discussed the different advantages of ACM that make it a popular material amongst builders and architects. Now, we need to find out the areas where the builders and architects today are using ACM.

Firstly, it is important to know that there are many applications of ACM today. Some of the most popular applications of ACM include advertising panels, displays, signboards, and displays. Additionally, panels made from the material is used to fix or support signs; it is also used in exhibitions and galleries to add an embellishment to these events.

Overall, ACM is suitable for many modern-day construction applications. Additionally, they are easily affordable and available in both ready-to-use and completed finishes. ACM is also available in a form suitable for industrial use and interior decoration.

Final Word

Today, Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is used in modern houses, hotels, banks, office buildings, restaurants, and more. It can also be used as an interior decorative material to improve the overall ambiance of a house or office. All these reasons make ACM a great choice for builders and architects.

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