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Plate Solid Aluminium

Does your vision for your next building project include a gleaming facade that wraps around the structure and will stand for a generation or more? Solid plate aluminum from Nortem is able to be produced in the size and shape you require. Our products are manufactured to the highest specifications and are ready to grace your community with their unblemished brilliance for years to come. Able to withstand severe weather, resistant to corrosion, and ready to be recycled at repurposed at the end of its architectural life, it makes a responsible use of your funds.

Our plant also includes our own CNC machine able to etch or carve unique shapes and patterns into your solid plate aluminum panels. Create added textural interest or highlight the brand of your client across the entire side of the building. Contact us to inquire about manufacturing schedules, pricing, and additional architectural products.

Creating Custom Architecture with Solid Plate Aluminum

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