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Perforated Cladding

Incorporate Your Brand on the Build Using Perforated Cladding

Give your commercial or municipal installation an extra fillip of motion and design with perforated cladding by Nortem. We are eager to work with your architect to create a marquee entrance using the graphic design of your brand, the local team, or a known landmark cut into plate aluminum. Your guests will be talking about its beauty for years as this artwork will resist deformation, discoloring, and corrosion. The finish will blend seamlessly with the exterior cladding and arrives ready to be installed by our certified technicians.

We create the panels at our own factory using our CNC machine that converts your image to the aluminum design. Contact our perforated cladding team to discuss your project schedule and our ability to meet your deadlines. We ship to anywhere in Canada. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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