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MCM Panel

Metal Composite Material (MCM) is a type of ACM (aluminum composite material) system. These durable, versatile materials have a variety of uses and come in a number of different shapes and thicknesses, however, the manufacturing process is the same in every case. A large, thick metal sheet is bonded to a non-metal core, usually plastic polyethylene (PE) or thermoplastic mineral-filled core (FR).

MCM — The Next Step in Cladding Solutions


 These panels provide a unique solution for faster builds, customized design and energy-efficient green initiatives.

When considering requirements for renovations or new projects, investors require high-quality, exterior applications that are up to building codes; yet these cladding systems must be easy to handle and install as well.

Nortem composite panel.jpg

 Nortem’s MCM panels are produced using a sophisticated factory line process, with each manufacturing stage strictly controlled for quality and consistency.  The panels themselves are formed using Hot Vacuum pressing and CNC machines that can be adjusted to produce panels in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.



Advantages of Nortem MCM Panels:


1. Durability: Because of the heavy gauge of metal on the top layer, the MCM cladding sheet is stronger than other typical ACM sheets against denting and impacts.

2. Hassle-Free Maintenance: MCM allows for hassle-free maintenance. It preserves the formation and feels longer than any other product.

3. Cost-effective: Nortem MCM panel is one of the most budget-friendly materials available in the market. With low cost and long-lasting durability, MCMs offer cost-savings for the commercial establishment.

4. Easy Installation: The installation of MCM cladding sheet is easy, and the attachment system is the same as ACM panels.

5. Wide range of colour choices: With Nortem MCM Panels, you get a wide range of colour choices. Thanks to our manufacturing facilities, capacity for innovation Hot Press Vacuum to apply any available pre-finished metal sheet on the market on to 3mm to 6mm PE base flat sheet.

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