Cut to size Cladding

Honeycomb Panels can be customized to your needs, and can be up to 5’ x 10’ in size. And to help architects get the most out of our cladding products, we also provide complementary, application solution consulting to optimize the product’s use for your project.

Multiple Methods To Installation


There are different types of Nortem composite panels to suit your needs, however, they are all designed to work together in a seamless, highly engineered and integrated system. Each panel can be mounted onto the building structure in one of four ways (Interlocking Channels, Z-Clips, Anchor Plates, or Adhesive) depending on the application and underlying material (drywall, metal or wood studs, concrete, pre-existing stone, or other materials). These mounting methods create varying depths of space in the building envelop to accommodate wiring, conduits, and to provide for aeration. Panels can be supplied and installed on vertical, horizontal, or angled surfaces for a fraction of the cost of other cladding systems.

The Interlocking Channel system is one of the most popular attachment devices. Stock lengths of aluminum-extruded channels are supplied for the installer to anchor on to the building substrate. Generally, 4” Channel Clips are glued on to the aluminum back skin with a high strength epoxy and reinforced with 4 rivets.

The “Z” Clip system works very similar to the installation of French cleats – you can install by screwing into the face of the panel. The “Z” Clip fasteners intertwine, locking the panels in place.  They also offer a quick and inexpensive future removal of panels for change or replacement.

The Anchor Plate method of attachment system is advantageous in that it costs a great deal less than other installation methods. The anchor plate is attached around the perimeter of the panel.  Screw attachment is done through the panel joints and into the framing behind. This system requires that framing be located behind each panel joint with a minimum joint size of 3/8" (10 mm). For installation instructions.

Epoxy liquid/paste and film adhesives are used by aerospace, electronic, marine, defence companies in honeycomb panel construction. High-performance systems attach top and bottom face skins to core materials in a variety of configurations/shapes/curves. proper surface preparation is essential in interfacial bonding of aluminum, steel, fibreglass, aramid, ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene materials in honeycomb sandwiches. 

Consulting Services 

Nortem is not just about products, but also architects, designers, engineers, field technologists that understand our products, and know how to use them to solve real-world design and construction problems. We can help you with everything from solving problems, to the creation of never-done-before design concepts (to meet demanding construction budgets). With more than 20+ years of experience, we can help you with planning, budget assessment, application/design solution development, and project/construction management.

Planning Stages

  • Materials Planning

  • Detailed Scheduling

  • Construction Drawing Support

  • Material Specifications

Budget Assessment

  • Budget Review

  • Ways to Reduce Cost

  • Detailed Scheduling

Application Solutions

  • Installation Methods and Analysis

  • Materials Solutions

  • Performance Quality and Analysis

Project/Construction Management

  • Plan, Assess, and Report All Aspects of the Project Until Completion

  • Oversee the Project from the Beginning Stages Until Completion

Nortem Corporation is an all Canadian Architectural Paneling Firm with a demonstrated expertise in exterior premium façade cladding.
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