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Eco Friendly Home Building Material

Aluminum: The Eco-Friendly Home Building Material

Are your sourcing materials for your net-zero build? Aluminum panels from Nortem in Concord, ON offer an eco-friendly home building material for now and a greener future. Panels are built specifically for your build, leaving zero waste at the jobsite and using a product that is easily recycled in the future. Investigate aluminum composite products that also help to increase the R value of the walls of the home, lowering heating costs for the entire life of the home. Add a solid aluminum plate and use our CNC machine to engrave unique patterns that complement any urban or suburban setting.

We work with builders across the country and are eager to help you expand your business using our eco-friendly home building material. Give us a call for a complete spec sheet on all of our residential suitable products. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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