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Eco Friendly Commercial Building

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with an Eco-Friendly Commercial Building

Expand your horizons and reduce your business environmental impact when you start with an eco-friendly commercial building. Aluminum cladding creates a beautiful polished metal finish to your exterior. At Nortem, we manufacture each panel to spec, so you have less to toss in the dumpster, reducing the amount of material entering landfills. Composite panels include a layer of insulation, further lowering the potential cost of heating and cooling your space. When it is time to reclad the building for the next rebranding push, the aluminum material is able to enter the recycling stream.

Finally, its lightweight structure can reduce the size of framing materials needed, lowering costs and the impact on the environment. If you are building an eco-friendly commercial building in Canada, call Nortem for a complete product catalog and take advantage of our smarter designs.

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