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 Architectural Metal Cladding 

Create a Stunning Skyline with Architectural Metal Cladding

Using today's new construction techniques, architectural metal cladding is here to help you turn a traditional office space into a contemporary environment ready to speed business toward the future. At Nortem we produce a wide selection of aluminum plate, cassettes, and metal cladding that provide a brilliant exterior finish in a range of colors and textures that match your vision. Create bold blocks or sinuous curves across the exterior updating an aging facade or introducing a new spot in town. For your high-rise project, metal cladding will capture the sunlight while resisting corrosion and stand proud among the city's skyscrapers.

Order your panels in a unified color or mix and match for a geometric and contemporary look. Aluminum resists dents, warping, and is lightweight, which helps you lower the overall cost using a readily recyclable product. Give us a call to inquire about delivery and availability of our architectural metal cladding products today.

Metal Cladding
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