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  Alpolic Material 

Summary of Technical Data Sheet - ALPOLIC®-RF

1. General

ALPOLIC®-RF is a mirror-look reflective finish aluminum composite material (ACM) used as decorative interior applications. The material is manufactured by Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc., and furnished by approved dealers or distributors.

Note: Technical data herein may be changed in part without affecting the material quality.

2. Product composition

ALPOLIC-RF is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two skins of 0.3mm thick aluminum alloy:

Composition Skin material: 0.3mm thick aluminum alloy Top EN AW-1085 hard, back A1100P-H14 by JIS H4000 Core material: Polyethylene (black)

The surface is a mirror-look anodized finish, and the backside is a polyester-based wash coating or a service coating. The surface is protected with a transparent self-adhesive peel-off protective film.

3. Product dimension and tolerance

(1) Panel thickness: 2 mm

(2) Standard size: Width = 1220 mm Length = 2440 mm

                   Note: The maximum panel width is 1220mm. 

(3) Product tolerance

          Width: ±2.0 mm

          Length: ±4.0 mm

         Thickness: ±0.2 mm

         Bow: Maximum 0.5% (5mm/m) of the length or width

         Square-ness (diagonal difference): Maximum 5.0 mm

         Surface defect: The surface shall not have any irregularities such as roughness, buckling and other imperfections in accordance with our internal visual inspection standards. ALPOLIC-RF is supplied with a cut edge and without aluminum sheet displacement or core protrusion.

4. Principal properties ALPOLIC-RF has the following properties.

(1) Specific gravity:                     1.45

(2) Panel weight (unit weight):     2.9 kg/m2

(3) Thermal expansion:               24 to 30×10-6 /deg. C

(4) Thermal conductivity *:          0.47 W/mK

(5) Reflectance (JIS D5705):      83%

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