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 We are Architectural metal cladding innovators;  a panel manufacturer located in Toronto. Our facility is dedicated to providing exceptional architectural products for use Canada wide.


Aluminum composite panels (ACM) are an affordable option that not only adds to the beauty of the structure, but also adds insulation lowering the operating costs now and in the future.

NORTCLAD Aluminum siding is a type of exterior cladding made from thin aluminum alloy. Aluminum siding is durable, weather-resistant, and relatively easy to install.

NORTwood is an innovative wood composite product to enhance the exterior & interior living experience. Get inspired by exploring NORTwood finest achievements and design projects

 Aluminum Plate made from solid aluminum, this panel material is dependable and has superior durability. Available in numerous colours and finishes, the material of choice for flat cladding systems.

The Cassette Panel System is part of the rain screen family of wall claddings which means it is installed with a ventilated airspace. It is suitable for horizontal or vertical application on low to high rise buildings, for both new and refurbishment projects. 

 With German technology finishes, UPVC siding looks like natural wood, without the worries of real wood exposed to the elements. nortWALL cladding installs quickly in user friendly method, without using any clips system. 


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 It is the combination of our expertly trained staff, in conjunction with the latest production machinery, that enables Nortem to offer high-quality building exterior products throughout Ontario and across Canada.

 The products that we manufacture for the construction sector must be extremely reliable. They must stand days, months and years. Our customers must be sure that they can rely on this consistency, which we are determined to provide by maintaining the high-quality level of our production.

 Supplying top-quality facade products to our customers requires not only excellent engineering and architectural design, but also outstanding manufacturing quality. Our employees are well trained and highly motivated. We use the latest manufacturing technologies for the highest precision and lowest tolerance.

 Our manufacturing is done in our own factory to prevent any extra cost and to provide quick service to our customers.

 Nortem is on the forefront of the full envelope Architectural Cladding Industry. We are committed to delivering high-quality Panels to diverse customers and market segments. 

 We relentlessly strive to develop, market, manufacture, distribute and supply products and services in a way that cannot be harmful or damaging to individuals, habitat or the environment as a whole. 

  Nortem advises its clients on the best way to develop, design and procure the building envelope, using our knowledge of the supply chain to provide high-level technical advice across the design process, including choice of materials and systems. Our aim is to achieve a cost-effective, viable design solution providing top performance at the lowest possible risk.

 At NORTEM, we are constantly reimagining the possibilities of our products and services.  We also understand that what goes on behind the wall is just as important as what's going on in front, which is why we developed and continually work on our building envelope science.




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 Installation Services 

 Nortem’s cladding systems can simply be applied as a cosmetic facelift to the exterior surface of both new and older buildings. This is a simple process that generates a fundamental transition to the modern architectural era. The principle behind designing our panels longitudinally is due to their flexibility and adaptability with any form and shape of façade that architects design. Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and always ready to install right out of the box.

 A building’s facade is its signature and the way it presents itself to the world. This means there’s an infinite number of options to explore, but maybe a few of them are the right choice.

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